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Breaking Barriers: 

Empowering District 13


I was born in Wilmington General and have been a lifelong resident of the city of Wilmington. I credit my love for justice and education on my parents: my father, a Vietnam veteran, and my mother, an office assistant for over 30 years. I became part of the first generation of city kids to be bussed to choice school, and thrived in the Brandywine School District. I graduated from Concord High School (go Raiders!) in 2000, and went on to became the first in my family to receive a Masters degree. During this time, I also became a mother to my four children, Trinity, Lucien, Hyperion, and Thane. 

Now, I'm taking my experience as a community organizer to bring the voices of District 13 to Dover, so we can be seen and heard



As a lifelong learner and mother of four school-aged children, I know the power that comes with knowledge. I've seen firsthand how our schools are letting our Delaware youth down. For too long, well-rounded education has been traded for standardized testing. As your representative, I will continue my work with the District and the Department of Education to create a strong foundation of academic skills and enrichment for our children. 


Due to my advocacy for my own daughter Trinity, transgender and gender-expansive children on Delaware Medicaid now have the ability to receive mental and medical healthcare services. Now, I want to ensure all who are in need of mental and medical healthcare have the ability to receive it without stigma or red tape.



My years in advocacy have shown me when we speak over each other, we all lose our voices. Currently, a conservative vocal minority and multi-millionaire corporations dominate the conversation in Dover. I believe in the power of individuals speaking for themselves. As your representative, I will make certain your concerns and needs are not only heard in Dover, but lead to actual change. 


Equality Becomes Equity

 My work as a social justice advocate and community organizer has given me the chance to interact with people from all walks of life, from local business owners to President Obama. I strive to not only lead my own communities to prosperity, but to share with officials the needs of their constituents. 

 That is why I'm running: to bring not only equality, but equity, education, and accessibility for all. Because while we are all on journeys, our destination of accountability, transparency, and freedom remains the same.


This September 13th, please vote for me, DeShanna Neal, as your District 13 Democratic nominee for the House of Representatives. Thank you.

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